Checklist: Common Characteristics Of A Narcissist
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Trust your gut.
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The narcissist wears a mask. In public they are seen as charming and popular. But in private, when the mask comes off, their true personalities are revealed...

The narcissist is a cunning deceiver. 

The narcissist is extremely manipulative and controlling.

The narcissist will provoke you and then blame you for the conflict. (Baiting and Bashing)

Narcissists don't believe in boundaries: they have no boundaries themselves and will frequently cross other people's boundaries. They basically believe that boundaries don't apply to them and will often react with hostility towards yours.

Narcissists have a huge sense of entitlement. 

Narcissists consider themselves extra special and will gladly tell you how awesome they think they are.

Narcissists participate in crazy making behavior (crazy making)

Narcissists will talk about other women/men to make you feel insecure.

Narcissists are judgmentally two faced: They tell you about the shortcomings of everyone who is close to them. Siblings, parents, coworkers, bosses, their exes. They seem to have a harsh jealousy about so many people who are close to them in their lives. They put these people down an insult them behind their backs. Narcissists tend to be gossips. 

Narcissists are arrogant.

Narcissists display an inflated, grandiose sense of self importance but in actuality they are extremely insecure.

Narcissists will minimize the efforts and achievements of others while inflating their own efforts and achievements. Narcissists belittle and minimize.

Narcissists have an inability to empathize

Narcissists have an inability to apologize

Narcissists display bullying behavior

Narcissists are experts in Gaslighting you (Gaslighting)

Narcissists are selfish. The narcissist is much more concerned with filling their own needs than they are about the needs of anyone else around them.

Narcissists will withhold love, affection, and sex to punish you or to try to control you.

In their own eyes, a narcissist is never wrong. They are a "know it all."

Narcissists have trouble making decisions.

Narcissists do what feels good for themselves without regard to other people's thoughts or feelings. Narcissists will most often cheat in relationships.

A narcissist's love relationship has three distinct phases:

Narcissists participate in triangulation, which is bringing a third-party into a relationship to make you feel insecure and to boost their own ego. They will often share things with the third-party that should only be shared with their partner, such as private conversations about their love relationship.

Narcissists lack accountability: They don't think they have a problem. They will always say that the problem is everyone else. 

A relationship with a narcissist will never end well. Do not expect any type of apology and do not expect any type of closure. If you discover that your partner is a narcissist, you may want to consider ending the relationship before the narcissist destroys you.